5 Photos You Won’t Want to Miss For Your Wedding


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One of the biggest things a bride doesn’t want to skimp on is her wedding photography. So, it is important to shop around photographers, see samples of their work, AND find out what they like to focus on or what fun ideas they would have for your wedding.

Alongside having the right photographer, there are a couple of shots that you will not want to miss. It is going to be one of the biggest events in your life; capture it.
Wedding Photography Tips

Photos You Won’t Want to Miss For Your Wedding

1) Getting Ready – The hanging dress.  This is one of the more artistic shots that you can get and it is an important one because it is catching that quiet moment as a bride-to-be becomes a bride.

It is like capturing that quick moment before you leap and you pull in that quick excited and nervous breath. Additionally, it let’s you feature your beautiful wedding dress without any distractions.

2) The bride AND groom’s expression upon seeing each other walking up the aisle. A lot of things are going on as the bride walks up to her groom in a ceremony.

The bride is taking her finally steps as daddy’s little girl, she is walking to the man she will spend the rest of forever with, her groom is seeing the woman he was so lucky to fall in love with, and everyone around them is beaming with joy, pride, and good wishes.

That is why this is a pivotal moment to capture. Don’t let the look on the bride and grooms face as they come together slide by in all the other happening of this moment.



3) The Father’s expression walking his daughter down the aisle. Just like in the description above, walking down the aisle is a big deal, but it isn’t just for the bride.

Dad’s raise their daughters; they hope the best for them and when the walk them down the aisle they are entrusting their little girls happiness in the groom.

You will be so happy your photographer snuck that shot of your dad’s joy and approval.

4) The Wedding Rings.  As the biggest symbol of your union, they make a great long lasting photo that you will always treasure.

These photos can work with you wearing your rings, but they also open an open door to creating a shot that features your rings and your unique wedding themes and styles.

5) Your Wedding Accessories. These are those lovely little details you have spent so much time picking out.


Wedding Photography Tips

It is important to remember to have your photographer capture the ambiance of your wedding because while details like centerpieces and cake toppers, like this True Love Banner Cake Topper,  may be the backdrop, they also create moments.

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