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Humorous Father Of The Bride Speech | How to Write a Father Of The Bride Speech


Your role as the father of the bride extends from being the host of the wedding to offering support to the bride. You are also expected to give a toast to the happy couple, sending your blessings that will last a lifetime.

Your speech is something that should be memorable. All eyes will be on you and your toast, whether warm or humorous should come straight from the heart.

Why there is no need to fret?

While you will know majority of the guests at the wedding, there will be guests whom you are not familiar. If you are easily intimidated by the presence of strangers, remember, you have the advantage of knowing most of the guests as they are either your family or friends, and all of the guests are there because they love your daughter and her husband to be.


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You also have the advantage of your wedding toast not being the first event at the reception, so you have plenty of time to warm up to the crowd.

With that said, here are step-by-step instructions on delivering an amazing father of the bride speech that will touch the hearts of everybody attending the wedding:

Step 1 – Frame the introduction

With an outline in place, you not only have an easier time creating your speech, you also are less likely to stumble when delivering the toast. Your outline will begin with an introduction that should be something that catches the attention of the guests, and the happy couple.

Different approaches can be used in the introduction. You may start with introducing yourself as the proud father of the bride, as well as introducing your wife, your daughter, her husband and his parents.

Your introduction should also include a special memory of your little girl, or an icebreaker, or something about yourself, which leads you into the speech.

Your outline can be written in different manners. You might have a humorous toast prepared, or one that is heartwarming, or one that is a combination of humorous and heartwarming. Once you get a feel for the crowd, and your emotions on that special day, you can easily choose the direction your speech should go.



Step 2- Decide the theme

Having a theme makes it easier for you to create a likable father of the bride speech. Your theme can be based on a number of things- gentle memories, the theme of the wedding, a timeline of your daughter’s life, humorous moments in your daughter’s life, etc.

Consider your daughter’s personality, her husband’s personality, and your personality, and try to incorporate each into the speech. Don’t exclude the guests from the speech. Your speech should welcome the guests and should be written in a manner that makes them feel special.

It shouldn’t be the one that makes them uncomfortable. When you conclude your speech, you should do so eloquently, blessing the couple.

Step 3- The Main Content

The main content is where you can shine. As the father of the bride, your emotions will show and the more it comes from the heart, the better.

Let the guests know your joy in welcoming your son in law into your family, the love you feel, what you see for the future based on your perception of thing, and your hopes for your daughter’s future. While writing, write as who you are.

Do not try to introduce a new you. You are who your daughter loves, and you are who she expects to hear.

Speak of special times in your child’s life. You can also consider taking about how you met your son in law and how you felt meeting him. You may have known from the get-go that this was the special person you’d someday see with your daughter, or you may have felt the total opposite until you got to know your son in law and couldn’t deny the love your daughter felt for the man.

Stick to things you are comfortable with and try not to repeat yourself. Your toast is generally the last speech of the wedding. Therefore, it should be warm, proud and strong.


How to write a flawless father of the bride speech

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Step 4- Work on the delivery

Your delivery of the speech is by far one of the most important aspects of the speech. Your speech should be heartwarming and go off without a glitch. If your speech is humorous, you want it to bring laughter, and if heartwarming, you want it to bring tears to the eyes. Whatever your direction, you don’t want a speech that is mediocre.

Your speech should be flawless, so practice. Even if you are habitual of speaking in front of an audience, you will need to practice. A few things to focus on include:

Eye contact

Eye contact is important as this is the day you have that gleam in your eye, and you want the crowd to know just how proud you are. You should easily be able to glance from guest to guest, continually going back to the happy couple, allowing everyone to feel as though you are speaking to them.


No matter how jittery you are, you need to remain calm. Take the time to gather yourself, remain calm and remember, everyone is there because they want to share this special day with your daughter and her husband and not because they want to point out the mistakes in your speech.


Drinking should wait until after your toast. Your speech needs to be coherent, cool and flawless, so save the alcohol consumption for after your toast.

Audience Participation

You may choose to involve the guests in your speech, keeping them active by playing around a bit or asking questions. This will depend on the tone of your wedding. The guests should not feel as though they are not part of the wedding.

This is the quickest way for the crowd to lose interest in your speech. You want a compelling speech that keeps the audience engaged and you want a daughter whose heart warms even more after the speech.

Don’t fill your speech with jokes. Some humor is good, but a speech that is an entire joke session is not the magic of the day.

Using the mic

Many individuals use a microphone, which is fine, but you want to make sure that you first practice speaking into the mic. Too close and you are screaming, and too far away from the mic and you are not heard.

Final Tips

Practice, practice, practice. There is no such thing as too much practice. In fact, practice until the speech is perfect and you feel confident and natural.

Rehearse your speech in front of the mirror, in front of friends, other couples, and anyone else that will listen and offer a truthful opinion. Don’t add any negativity to the speech.

Be supportive, happy, loving and positive throughout your speech. In essence, put your personality into the speech.



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